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"ideazunlimited" is our main domain and others are subdomain belongs to us.


India's third largest classified website after quikr and OLX
This Project took 2 Years to develop with the help of six full time programmers


This website is again very huge portal with 72 pages. It has the best SEO tools popular in the world. Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi keeps fantastic command on Meditation and mysterious spiritual sciences, like Reiki, Hypnotism etc. He teaches the subjects, which might be new for you. Dr. Joshi has written tracts (granth) on Reiki, which is translated in Russian, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, Hindi and many languages.


One of the super specialty subject taught by Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi. He is world famous astrologer with the view of modern science. Many state and national Minister level politicians and class one officers consult him for astrology.


Being a psychological consultant Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi is one of the best career counselor in Surat. He used to guide free of cost to students. He is doing this activity as a part of social services. He has tremendous knowledge about modern career options. He used to give lectures in schools on career. If anyone wish to arrange his lecture in Gujarat , you are welcome. He has written mind concentration books for children. He has written many fictions for children like Harry Potter. .


Digital marketing is ultra modern subject for everyone. We are earning from the traffic of website. We have perfect SEO. We keep it updated. We keep matter updated. We earn from the ads click on any ad and we have earned fraction of rupee. We earn from Affiliate marketing from this web portal.


Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi is one of the best Hypnotherapist in the world. He has thousands of students from all over the world. Dr. Joshi has written tracts (granth) on Hypnotism, which is translated in Russian, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Swedish, Hindi and many languages. He has written 'mind concentration books through hypnosis' for children. He gives hypnotherapy services to many hospitals and VIP patients.


Dr. Joshi along with his son Pranav teaches hacking. Hacking is a subject for everyone. One has to protect own system, mobile phone from getting hacked. One must know how hackers hack bank accounts, if you have knowledge then you can protect yourself and your intellectual properties. Pranav is B.E. Programmer and expert og Hacking subject. He works with Cyber security Cell of Indian Government.


In India there are special type of people who are mad for Treasure Hunting. This website gives perfect information about treasure hunting. Dr. Joshi has computerized treasure hunting equipments. Many clients hire those equipments to hunt treasure. To earn money is the motto of every human. We teach how to do Money Meditation to get perfect result in life. This meditation gives money and peace of mind. This website is on very interesting subject one must go through it.


We have our special branch to work on the images and videos. Video editing, VFX work is performed under this department. Our specialty is to give special touch to photograph. A 60 years granny can look like 16 years young girl. This studio is known for Digital Make up. Come get the work done or learn from us.


Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi is not only philosopher and Mentor but he is philanthropist also. ('philanthropist' means a person who is always ready to help others.) Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi and his group has many social activities. He has registered NGO under the name NAYA SAVERA.. He helps many poor students, arranges blood camps, works for woman empowerment. He is associated with many state level government programs.


Dr. Ishwarbhai Joshi is a psychological consultant. He is very famous marriage counselor. He has saved many families from taking divorce. His guidance has given new life to many couple to understand each other. You may refer his name to any family which is about to scatter..


Students counseling is different from career counseling. Students counseling covers subject like exam phobia, suicidal tendency, lack of concentration. Performance enhancing in sports or in studies. Dr. Joshi has saved life of many students from suicide.


Along with Pranav, many professional web designing projects are completed. Those are e-commerce websites. Websites with difficult programming is our specialty. Our web designing creativity is simply marvelous, come and experience our creativity. We design Mobile Applications also.


This website is actually a software program which has huge database. It is customized program.


This is a brilliant blog connected with un-boxing video giving us maximum revenue.


This blog is connected with our book on Music. Dr. Joshi has written 36 books on saragam. In the book QR code is given by scanning particular QR code any one can reach on this website to enjoy video song.


This is our dedicated blog for technical subjects. This blog is again giving us maximum revenue.


This blog covers various subjects. It has thousands of blogs this blog is a perfect example of Affiliate marketing.


This blog is dedicated to Music and Saragam. This blog is again showing alternatives to Adsence and the best example of getting revenue other than Adsence.


This is a wordpress blog popular in western countries.


This is e-commerce website for various industrial products


This is e-commerce website for house hold products


This is e-commerce website for fast food products.


This is e-commerce website for general restaurant food.


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