Why 100% placement is possible? In slow down era of world economy?

Article from the book "Digital Marketing"... Written by Dr.Joshi (Please purchase book for more details..)

Job market survives on demand and supply ratio. With the change of technology world economy trend changes after every ten years span. It finishes few type of jobs and creates new type of jobs.

 World economy trend influences Indian economy also. Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economy in the world.

Example: In the decade of fifties big textile mills were on its peak. It created 'clerical posts' commerce students were in demand. Who were capable of writing fast. In the decade of sixties technology changed and type writer was accepted widely. Then Typewriting skills'' was compulsory.

Additional qualification was 'shorthand'.. In early Eighties new computing and electronic typing machines started replacing typewriter. In early eras computers were operating on 'lotus, basic' and many Computer languages. Windows was still to enter in market, mouse was in early stages. It finished requirements of 'shorthand'.

In nineties windows 95 version was launched after windows1..2..3.. etc. which changed the job market.

Every C.V. was expected to attached with 'computer literacy' and skills. Typewriting and Shorthand skills were debar.

Then windows 98 till windows 7 job market changed fast. After 2007 there were millions of jobs created with millions of opportunities, in every sector.

In the decade of 2000 physical marketing created too many opportunities. Direct marketing companies paid Marketing Leaders in million. Slowly after 2010 Marketing leaders lost their prestige.

Exactly like L.L.B. has lost prestige in eighties. Engineering lost prestige in 2000. M.B.A. lost its prestige in 2010 Why? Because of demand and supply. When job market creates particular demand everyone rush for it. Within 5 years job market gets flooded with the supply then demand collapses.

Now in 2020 world economy is changing creating new opportunities in Digital Marketing. After 2025 this demand may get fulfilled. So be there before market gets saturated.

Every sector including Bank, Government sector like railways, political parties, hospitals, educational institutes, big brands, small businesses demands digital marketing expert. We receive more calls from companies for Digital Marketing Experts. This may not be the situation after 5 years.

Digital Marketing open opportunities like Affiliate Marketing, Youtubers, Bloggers, professional content writers to create your own business without any investment like conventional businesses.

Digital Marketing does not need any typical qualification, like CA, Engineering etc.

It is not difficult to learn Digital Marketing. Any person with commonsense can learn and make money. There are examples that less educated people are earning money in Digital Platform by offering various services and typical highly educated qualified computer engineers are working under them. This scene has to change. Be yourself, rediscover your talent be consistent, go ahead. Come with us.

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