First Online class in higher education conducted in 1998 (USA)

We are 20 years behind the world to implement the technology..

 Online course has following benefits.
1. Cost effective
2. Save time
3. Save natural recourses like Petrol, Diesel.
4. Save yourself from infectious diseases. ( Like Corona, cold, cough etc.)
5. Personal attention.
6. Reasons; why Online Classes are not popular in India!
7. Learn from anywhere. (bedroom, holiday destination..)
8. Perfect for talented handicaps who have physical disabilities.
9. Students from remote villages, different states, out of India can learn Online from us.

1. Cost effective

Conventional classroom needs infrastructure. Like, Rented or owned place. Electricity for ceiling fan, light bulbs, coffee machine, A.C. ambience.

It needs receptionist, sweeper, peon and administrative staff with sizable salary. Salaried teachers.

Furniture like seating arrangement, board or screen, projector, Laptop or Desktop systems.

Physical ad printed catalogues. Forms to sign. Various papers to maintain records.

Above all has nothing to do with the knowledge of Digital Marketing. Above all are nothing but the overhead expenses. How above expenses are managed? It is from Student's pocket.

Five star amenities in conventional classes has made Digital Marketing knowledge beyond capacity of middleclass students. Online classes means, only to pay for the knowledge.

2. Save time

To attend conventional class, student has to prepare a lot. The student has to start preparation before one hour.

Then he has to travel at least for half an hour. While returning again half an hour to one hour.

This is waste of time.

Online class starts within few seconds. Saves at least 3 hours per day. One may utilize this time for creativity.

3. Save natural recourses like Petrol, Diesel.

To travel to class it needs vehicle. A motorbike or public transport like bus or share auto rickshaw.

There are very few who can just walk down or use bicycle to reach.

If travelling is avoided then it will conserve the nature. It will save fuel. Travelling expenses may be saved, for student. He can use this pocket money for something else.

4. Save yourself from infectious diseases. ( Like Corona, cold, cough etc.)

Maximum students caught by infectious diseases ( Like Corona, cold, cough etc.) in crowded class or while travelling by public transport. As people cough, sneeze, shake hand, smoke. Online class gives you health.

5. Personal attention.

Online class is actually interaction with the teacher by the help of technology. But it must be live. Many online classes start a pre recorded video, which a student do not enjoy.

Every online class is one to one session with the teacher. So student gets personal attention, which is not possible in conventional class. It is easy to understand subject when student gets personal attention.

6. Reasons; why Online Classes are not popular in India!

The main reason is, the word 'Online' is attached with 'Online frauds' in everyday news paper.

A common man in India feels fear to the acts like; Online payment, Online classes.

Second reason is, many classes has pre recorded videos. They play videos at particular time for students which has lost the authenticity .

Actually, online class mean both are present and talking to each other through video call.

7. Learn from anywhere. (bedroom, holiday destination..)

Even if you are enjoying holiday at Goa, Kerala or out of India, you can learn Online. Online learning do not bind you at one place, so one can enjoy freedom. You can learn from bedroom, while enjoying tea. One of our student was on honeymoon at Switzerland. Still he was connected and complete the course in leisure time at Switzerland.

Many housewives complete course online, as they have family responsibility and small kids.

8. Perfect for talented handicaps who have physical disabilities.

Now Physical disabilities cannot stop you from exploring Digital Marketing subject. Online class gives opportunity to physically handicap humans to get knowledge about Digital Marketing to earn money.

9. Students from remote villages, different states, out of India can learn Online from us.

To attend Digital Marketing course any student from village, have to come to any big city. But now if you are getting net connectivity on your mobile phone you can learn Digital Marketing from us.

There are students from other states like Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Bihar, Odessa, Rajasthan who cannot visit our classes, learn online from us. Even some students are there from U.S. who learn from us. Now you may ask how it is possible? U.S. is a place where top Digital Marketing classes are available.. Yes, those are NRI. Or part time working students who cannot afford fees in US Dollars in US. They afford our minimum fees with the best knowledge.

Dr. Joshi has perfect command on this subject as he is gifted with scientist mind. Come speak with him on his whats app cell no 9723106181


What makes us the best Digital Marketing institute!

Under the central government policy Education for all now students can appear for exam ad get certificates from world's leading Universities. Those Universities are Boston University (U.S.A.) ,University of Pennsylvania(U.S.A.) Northwestern University(U.S.A.), The University of California (U.S.A.), Illinois State University(U.S.A.)

International Certificates

First time in India five U.S. Universities certificates in Digital Marketing Course is possible, through our Training Program.

Free counseling Personal attention

Your personal growth in every walks of life is our motto. We train you to face every diversity in life. Not "Only" Digital Marketing.

100% Placement support.

India has huge demand for Digital Marketing experts, experienced and fresher. We help 100% to students, to get job.

Training by Best Selling Author.

Best Selling Author's training, means perfect knowledge and personal guidance to get success in life by using Digital Marketing as a tool.

Latest tools including PUB-G.

Social Media including Instagram, Tiktok; gaming industry including PUB-G is also part of our Digital Marketing Course syllabus as a tool.

Practical industry orientation

At IJC Digital Marketing Course is designed as per Industry demand. We avoid garbage of knowledge,to latest Digital Marketing demand.