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Hi Friends, I am Vice President Operations and IT cell in one of the largest corporate in India. (Dr. Joshi sir asked me not to write about my organization.)

I am a trained programmer and I was thinking I know everything about IT, till I meet Dr. Joshi at IJC. At IJC I realize that Digital Marketing has too much potential.

He has shown me less educated people than me are earning more money than me and they have more secured future than me. It was a challenge for me. I learned tricks of making money in Digital Marketing at IJC.

Now I am earning superb, I am not worried about my job and future. Now I am not working under pressure. I had IT background but not knowing how to generate money.

I have kept two employees to create content for me at my home, in future I will have biggest Digital Marketing unit of India. Thank you IJC and Dr. Joshi sir.

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