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I am a retired Principal from a famous college.

Before three years I completed Digital Marketing course at IJC. Students who are looking for career options in life must come to Dr Joshi and learn Digital marketing.

I was looking for some better activity after retirement. I was not looking for earning money because I belong to a very abundant sophisticated family. In my entire career I was only focused on the education of others not for me or myself. When I join IJC I realize the importance of Digital Marketing in every walks of life.

Now I am following my passion to teach Gujarati recipes to the world. I am very satisfied with my cooking classes online and at the same time appreciation from all over the world.

Now I am busy with my grand children and my social activities but every time I am using Social media and Digital Marketing techniques to get fame and name with the tag of money. Its good feeling that after retirement I am still productive to produce more thoughts and follow my passion. Thanks to IJC and Dr. Joshi, Students please follow Dr. Joshi for Digital Marketing.

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