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I am a Diamond Trader (Importer.), from Surat.

Before few years there was a tremendous tsunami called synthetic diamonds in the market. It was difficult to recognize original and duplicate diamonds. Main business in Surat was to polish and process diamond.

At that time it was manual work, but some big investors import lazar machine to cut diamonds. I had 150 diamond cutters working in my firm. Suddenly we stopped to get work. I was unable to sustain in market. Like me many Diamond traders shut down their business. Now I was unable to focus on any other business.

Then I visit IJC to get some idea about new business. Dr. Joshi given me information about Digital Marketing. I am not comfortable with computers. But he invested time with me. It took me to learn more than six months time. I was ready to do any hard work to get success to maintain my life style.

Slowly it started to give result. Now I have a firm in which I am producing Videos only for me and others. Now it is more than three lakh INR per months. Thanks to IJC, Thanks to Dr. Joshi.

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