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I stay and study at Sweden. I am PUB-G battlefield winner. I won may competitions. I am addict to PUB-G. My parents worried about my future. They send me to many psychiatry consultant, but they were unable to drag me out from PUB-G. One of my uncle suggest my parents to meet Dr.Joshi. I actually was very blunt and arrogant before meeting Dr.Joshi. But he talked about how to make career with PUB-G. Which was music to my ears. Dr. Joshi convinced my parents not to worry about my future, as I could mold my career with PUB-G. I surrender completely to Dr. Joshi and his knowledge. His Digital Marketing syllabus covered 'How to make career with PUB-G.' Now I won international level championships. I am earning half a million every month. I suggest to all not to become PUB-G addict like me. I was very lucky that I got guidance from Dr. Joshi. But you boys learn Digital Marketing and make something good of your life. Now I am again here in Sweden but I miss class of Dr. Joshi. Sir, give me your blessings.

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