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Friends, I am working as a General Manager Production in one of the largest Engineering unit, in India.

I got Fred up with the job conditions. I do not like my job. I hate my boss. I feel to run away from myself not to go on job. And I meet Dr. Joshi. I meet for stress management to Dr. Joshi. He found that my stress level is due to the worst job situation.

He suggested me to try career options in Digital Marketing. I listen him and learned Digital Marketing from him. My C.V. became very powerful. Then I was searching new vacancy.

I found the same kind of responsibility if attached with Digital Marketing additional qualification it was offering Three times more package. That was one of the Multi National Company.

I applied for the job, they took my telephonic interview. They took all my URL and Youtube channel details, They scrutinize everything and now I am in this new MNC. Here in this new job I am very happy. I am happy that I did Digital Marketing Course at IJC. Thank you IJC.

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