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HI friends.

I meet Dr. Joshi at Patanjali Yog Vishva Vidyalaya at Haridwar when Dr. Joshi was delivering lecture on importance of Yog in life. He is good friend of Baba Ramdev and Achary Balkrushna.

While speaking he mentioned the use of Social Media Management and its application to improve life quality of human being. I was very impressed by his thought process. After the lecture I asked him about Digital Marketing class.

Since I am also Yoga teacher visits many places in India I was unable to attend the Digital Marketing class. Dr. Joshi gave me option of online class. Then I competed the course when I was out of the state or our of the country. Now I have followers from Uk, US.

The best part is I am teaching Yoga to Europeans by relaxing myself at my home. Now I do not have to travel too much to earn money or to guide people. That is very wonderful life. Thank you Dr. Joshi and IJC for Digital Marketing course.

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