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I am Dr.Disha, M.D. Homeopathy.

I have my own clinic.

I am busy with my patients but as all know there is less awareness about Homeopathy in India. I was thinking a lot about how to spread my knowledge to the world.

I meet Dr. Raj in one of the medical conference. He mentioned to meet Dr. Joshi and learn Digital Marketing. From the conference I called up Dr. Joshi and fix an appointment with him.

I was impress by his methodology. He is gem of a person. He has tremendous knowledge of many things on the earth. For me money was not the priority I am earning better from my medical practice. I was searching to spread my thoughts on Homeopathy for awareness.

Since I was having less time in hand I decided to do online class. While going through the teachings I re-discover myself as a woman and as a doctor. It was wonderful journey to learn tricks and tips from Dr. Joshi. I asked him many questions he answer my all questions in detail.

Proudly friends my thoughts are very popular in Gulf counties and part of Europe. Thanks to Dr. Joshi and IJC for Digital Marketing course.

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