Net is Beyond Geographical Limits allows you to work for or learn Digital Marketing from anywhere, in the world.

We help you to understand your potential through Digital Marketing

Power of net like power of soul (spirit) which can travel without physical body, anywhere in the world. No one can stop it like physical body. Example: A YouTube video of an Indian can be viewed on the mountains of Antarctica, on Cruise ship in the middle of Pacific Ocean or in deep Amazon forest.

Anyone can present thoughts to reach to population all over the world.

Any student can learn Digital Marketing from his bedroom. If he is hospitalized, he can learn. If any student set out on holidays, still he can learn.

We have to open our thoughts towards changing era of exchanging knowledge.

British started close class room system before 250 years. And we have lost everything to pay for establishments than education. Still to attend Digital Marketing class in a classroom denotes our psychological slavery of British Raj.

Before British Indians were learning under the tree, on the bank of river, in forests. At that time we were very rich as a country. As we were enjoying education with freedom, based on the performance. Education within four walls is based on the 'rat race' concept, with stiff competition.

Now the wheel of time turned and again we have got the opportunity to learn beyond geographical limits. Just explore maximum to earn money.

Feel free and enjoy the freedom.

Once it is connected live with Whatsapp video call anyone can learn from anywhere.

Now to earn money is very easy. Before joining any other Digital Marketing class call Dr. Joshi on 9723106181.

Dr. Joshi has perfect command on this subject as he is gifted with scientist mind.


What makes us the best Digital Marketing institute!

Under the central government policy Education for all now students can appear for exam ad get certificates from world's leading Universities. Those Universities are Boston University (U.S.A.) ,University of Pennsylvania(U.S.A.) Northwestern University(U.S.A.), The University of California (U.S.A.), Illinois State University(U.S.A.)

International Certificates

First time in India five U.S. Universities certificates in Digital Marketing is possible, through our Training Program.

Free counseling Personal attention

Your personal growth in every walks of life is our motto. We train you to face every diversity in life. Not "Only" Digital Marketing

100% Placement support.

India has huge demand for Digital Marketing experts, experienced and fresher. We help 100% to students, to get job.

Training by Best Selling Author.

Best Selling Author's training, means perfect knowledge and personal guidance to get success by using Digital Marketing as a tool.

Latest tools including PUB-G.

Social Media including Instagram, Tiktok; gaming industry including PUB-G is also part of our Digital Marketing Course syllabus as a tool.

Practical industry orientation

At IJC Digital Marketing is designed as per Industry demand. We avoid garbage of knowledge,to latest Digital Marketing demand.