Did you know, New millionaires are creating money by thought procedure, not by hard(?) work.

We help you to understand your potential through Digital Marketing

Just ask yourself ..Why you are doing (or did) Engineering or any graduation? Don’t know!

..Because someone or parents told you that this may have better career options.. market demand.. etc. or Your tenth or twelfth standard marks were less than expectations.. or Your economic conditions were not adequate to pay the fees..

Why you completed tenth? Why you attend particular school? Don’t know!

Parents asked to do so.

No one asked you what YOU want to do with your life..

So even if you are earning money or learning something you are not getting satisfaction. If you are feeling under paid, if you feel you have better potential than others . If you feel, you have capacity to dream very wild and keeps guts to achieve.. then Digital Marketing is the best option for you.

Come to Dr. Joshi. He is one of the best thinkers, guide, and top Digital Marketing expert to make you a successful person.

Other Digital Marketing training gives you knowledge about Digital Marketing like MBA institutes. What MBA institutes makes you? Highly paid 'servants'. They will make you highly paid Digital Marketing expert to serve others.

Here at IJC we teach you how to develop your own business. How to work for you. Instead of becoming servant, be Owner.

Get total satisfaction of whatever you do.

If you are a house maker (mother) a woman..

You were very talented in school, college.. what happened then? After marriage.. everything changed. You have lost your identity while shaping up some one other's life. You sacrifice small and big.. as expected by everyone.. and no one care for you..

Now it's a time to live for you, yourself. Rediscover, what you think, what you feel..Rediscover the best human within you..

Put your talent in front of the world, get appreciation. Get money.

Write bolgs, create videos express thoughts.. your thoughts may change the world…

How to do it?

The tool is known as Digital Marketing.. conquer the world with us.

When you make video, your face value increases. Your presentation, style everything is respected and recognize by a large population. There are many subjects to get popularity. Recipe, Make up tips, motivation, un-boxing, mythology, DIY and so many.

Many YouTube stars are as celebrity as any Film-star. It's very difficult for a middleclass common man to be a Film Star. But now anyone can enjoy popularity like Film Star. This is additional benefit of Digital Marketing .

It is difficult to write column in news paper. It is expensive to publish a book. But it needs no money to publish anything on Blogger or WordPress. It is very difficult to establish yourself as a thinker or an author in society, but it is possible through social media marketing.

YouTube, Blogger, Wordpress gives you passive income. You develop any portal, then every month you will get money. It is one time job. Create something then do not even look at it.. your bank account will start to fill up with money.

Now to earn money is very easy. Before joining any other Digital Marketing class call Dr. Joshi on 9723106181.

Dr. Joshi has perfect command on this subject as he is gifted with scientist mind.


What makes us the best Digital Marketing institute!

Under the central government policy Education for all now students can appear for exam ad get certificates from world's leading Universities. Those Universities are Boston University (U.S.A.) ,University of Pennsylvania(U.S.A.) Northwestern University(U.S.A.), The University of California (U.S.A.), Illinois State University(U.S.A.)

International Certificates

First time in India five U.S. Universities certificates in Digital Marketing is possible, through our Training Program.

Free counseling Personal attention

Your personal growth in every walks of life is our motto. We train you to face every diversity in life. Not "Only" Digital Marketing

100% Placement support.

India has huge demand for Digital Marketing experts, experienced and fresher. We help 100% to students, to get job.

Training by Best Selling Author.

Best Selling Author's training, means perfect knowledge and personal guidance to get success by using Digital Marketing as a tool.

Latest tools including PUB-G.

Social Media including Instagram, Tiktok; gaming industry including PUB-G is also part of our Digital Marketing Course syllabus as a tool.

Practical industry orientation

At IJC Digital Marketing is designed as per Industry demand. We avoid garbage of knowledge,to latest Digital Marketing demand.