How to earn money from virtual electronic games PUB-G in Digital Marketing.

Article from the book "Digital Marketing"... Written by Dr.Joshi (Please purchase book for more details..)

 New generation under 18 is addicted to virtual electronic game, many parents are worried about future of their ward. I know at this moment you are not a PUBG player. You might be in parents position or twenty plus responsible young person. You may pass on this message to those parents whose kids are addicted to PUBG or any virtual electronic game.

Parents are worried about the future of the child. Because parents do not have any knowledge how the virtual world is marching ahead.

The subject is... yes, your ward now can earn money by PUBG or any other virtual game.

The turnover of total virtual game :

It is very young industry but has shoot up fast to $ 1.8 Billion size industry( Jan.2020) and further it is shooting with lazar speed.

The earnings:

A good player can earn $60,000 per year to max $ 2 Million per month.

Let me tell you, all the social rules are broken in e-sports world.

In India, parents do not respect any ground sport as a career. Then imagine what about e-sports… parents hate e-sports.

This might be due to the negative impact of 'Bluewhale' and 'Pokemon' game on kids.

This e-sport industry encourages 'betting' also. Betting is against Indian culture. Every religion and faith has seven basic oath; in which one of the oath is … I will not involve in any kind of 'betting'… Indian constitution has declared betting as illegal activity.

Let me explain it further. In pre independence era 'Stock Market' 'Betting on Horse Race' was illegal activity but then it was legalized due to change in economy. Now 'Stock Market' is backbone of the national economy.

Within next 5 years e-sports might be the integral part of our life.

Let's understand how to make money by e-sports; PUBG.

11. Get paid as a PUBG coach

If you think you can coach team or an individual player then start coaching.

As a PUBG Coach you will make money. You have to make on the field and out of the field strategy.

You have to register yourself with proven track on the following portal, many players and teams hire coaches from here. If you are not registered coach no one will trust you to hire,


The payment is decided by the team, once you become a star coach then you can demand your fees.

Point No.12. Page No 402 from the book "Digital Marketing"... Written by Dr.Joshi

Non players may ask, 'sir, I am not a PUBG player, I do not know anything about the game still can I earn money? If yes, then How?

It is interesting to know how to earn money while watching the game.

Just log into


and start betting. It is legal, the money is legal.

Sickodds.com allows you to play with following portals.

 1 '22bet'
 2 'gg.bet'
 3 'unikrn'
 4 'bet365'
 5 betway
 6 midnite
 7 vbet
 8 MrGreen
 9 Nitrogen Sports
10 NetBet
11 Sports.io
12 Betcoin
13 1xBit
14 Pixel.bet
15 Unibet
16 Tonybet
17 Skybet
18 PaddyPower
19 BetOnBit
You can choose the games from following list

  1) Apex Legends
  2) Artifact
  3) Call of Duty
  4) Clash Royale
  5) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  6) Dota 2
  7) FIFA
  8) Fortnite: Battle Royale
  9) H1Z1
10) Halo
11) Hearthstone
12) Heroes of the Storm
13) League of Legends
14) NBA 2K
15) Overwatch
16) Player Unknown: Battlegrounds PUBG
17) Rainbow Six: Siege
18) Realm Royale
19) Rocket League
20) Smite
21) StarCraft 2
22) Super Smash Bros
23) Team Fortress 2
24) Teamfight Tactics
25) Vainglory
26) World of Tanks

Before betting first study the game, team, players its strategy. Then start betting.

It gives real money. Come Digital world welcomes you.
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